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Seconds As An English Language – (Cass)

When the crowd yelled out for more The Everymen yelled back “We don’t know any more”. You won’t find that level of casual honesty with most bands these days. But then again most bands aren’t The Everymen. Taking cues from bands like The Minutemen before them (Originally pronounced my-noot. Ask Mike Watt.), The Everymen embody the true anti-pretentious come-as-you-are spirit of punk rock. A spirit we at Baldy Longhair think best captured on cassette (the working man’s analog).

Recorded on September 7, 2011 at the legendary Asbury Lanes in NJ, “Seconds As An English Language: Live From Asbury Park” showcases the band in all their glory. Just days after these same beaches were evacuated to make way for Hurricane Irene the Everymen came back to welcome everyone home with a combination of rock and roll, alcohol, and Jersey hospitality. Between asking for more beer on stage and demanding the crowd dance it up The Everymen tore through the 9 tracks that make up Side A. Side B sees things winding down with them doing half the songs in the same amount of time (Either a product of the beers that were brought to them or a proper closing set jam session. You decide.).

Rumor has it The Boss himself was in attendance and was moved to tears. Who’s to say he wasn’t? I mean for that matter you can buy this tape and listen to it enough that you can start telling people you were there too. Don’t worry, if asked we’ll even back you up.

Track List

Side A: Dreams, I Might Be Drinking, Telephone, Ballad of Barnaby Barstool, Zeppole Ben, As Long, I Love How You Love Me, Novacaine, Come Back To Bed Little Girl
Side B: Annie, Dance Only (Only Dance), Rotten Smokes, Boss Johnny And The Get Lucky

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