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Image of Good Grief – (Cass/MP3)

Good Grief – (Cass/MP3)

The fact that we were able to fit all the aggression of “Good Grief” onto a single cassette tape boggles the mind over here at Baldy HQ.  Before you even know what hit you auto-reverse kicks in and they keep coming at you like a rabies infected hardcore Yeti.  I don’t even know where to begin with this one it’s so brutal.  Pissed off at things like society and dogmatic nonsense to the point of losing it? Throw on “Good Grief” and work it out along with Through Thorn and Brier. Modern day therapists is what they are.

Track List

Side A: The Sorry Flesh, Trample, Dirtswimmers
Side B: Old Dogs New Wounds

Good Grief by Through Thorn and Brier - cassette tape

Good Grief by Through Thorn and Brier - tape case

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