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Image of Girls – (Cass/7″/MP3)

Girls – (Cass/7″/MP3)

To celebrate the idea that girls can be as hardcore if not more hardcore than most dudes in the scene our friends Vultures United have released this set of re-worked covers and original instrumentals.  We also have a small quantity of the 7″ version of this release courtesy of The Pirate Record Company available in bundles.

Track Lists


Side A: Mary Jo Lisa, That’s Not My Name, Summer Mood, Olive, He Needs Me, Army Of Me

Side B: Karen, Turn In To, Oh Bondage Up Yours, Nico (Cassette Exclusive Track), These Days (Cassette Exclusive Track)

7″ Vinyl

Side A:  Oh Bondage Up Yours, Summer Mood, Army Of Me

Side B: That’s Not My Name, Salvation (7″ Exclusive Track)