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Image of Don’t Need No Snacks – (Cass/MP3)

Don’t Need No Snacks – (Cass/MP3)

If you’re a collector get the 4-pack with four different colored tapes and 4 different covers.  If you’re broke, send us $6 and we’ll send you whichever cover has the band member we think you’ll find most dreamy.  Then you can put it on a shelf over your bed and stare wistfully at it while you fall asleep.  One thing is for sure though you’ll be blasting the fun sounds of this EP at your next party and all your friends will think yer pretty kewl.  No need to thank us, just save us some beers.

Track List

Side A:  Let Me Go, Snacks, Biggest In The World
Side B:  Lindsay Lohan, Outer Space, Saturday Night Live


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