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Soy Not Oi! 2

Soy Not Oi! 2Read more on Baldy Longhair Records involvement with this project over in our news section.  

Not to name drop but other notable contributors include Lance Hahn, Ian Mackaye, and Isa Moskowitz!

If you like punk, if you like vegetables, if you want to support a good cause please get this book!

In Soy Not Oi! Volume 2 over 100 international contributors have come together to pay tribute to Joel Olson, original co-editor of Soy Not Oi, who passed away in March of 2012.

100% of the profits will be donated to Joel’s wife and children.

– Filled with over 200 original vegan recipes with musical accompaniments.

– Essays and articles about the origins of Soy Not Oi.

– A whole chapter on craft beer brewing.

– Inside ribbings, zaniness, and vegetables gone mad