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Lyrics | The Disconnects

The Disconnects …Are Healthy


I ain’t from Hub City and I ain’t from the street
I confess I’m a mess a low down creep
I like it fast and I like it good
I ain’t from your neighborhood
I am a stranger
I ain’t looking for no restitution
I’m just looking for the final solution
A dizzy brain such a wasted creation
Cause I belong to the blank generation
I am a stranger
Alone is all I know

Bomb Drop

Ain’t it fun when you’re gonna die young
Somebodies got the neutron bomb
In a time when they don’t need rhyme or reason
Their striking in the midnight hour
It’s gonna be absolute power
It a time where idea’s a form of treason
Bomb drop, it’s the only way
Bomb drop, mom and dad are going away
It’s infecting every son and daughter
You’re gonna be marching for the new world order
In a world where there’s no such thing as heroes
It’s much too late but excuse my diction
It’s gonna be straight out of science fiction
Hey baby we’re going back to zero
Bomb drop, it’s the only way
Bomb drop, mom and dad are goin away
It’s what you wanted, it’s what you needed
You must believe that


Well lately life has lost it’s appeal
And I’m sick to death of people telling me how I feel
And I’ve been thinking about the things I’ve seen
And what’s the use of saying something that you don’t mean?
When the lights go out and the girls go home
The pretty ones talk on the telephone
I walk home alone in the dark , is anyone out there?
Well not tonight
Somebodies waiting just for someone like you
And some people plan out all the things their gonna say and do
But me I’m staying positive but be that as it may
It’s still hard to think of one fucking good thing to say
When I’m old and jaded and my tattoos are faded
I’ll be sitting on my windowsill intoxicated
And why should I be something that I never could?
You’re getting older, you’re taking orders
It’s what you wanted, I could never be that..
And if I make it that far and get old and grey
At least I can say that I did it my way
And I ain’t ever gonna compromise my feelins
I’m staying hopesick…

Living In The USA

Living in the suburbs ain’t no fun
I can’t get no satisfaction
I’m bored to death of taking breathes
And my social life’s in traction
I don’t want your good advice
I don’t need your perfect life
I pledge allegiance really ain’t my style
I saw it on my TV screen today
They said we’re all doing just A okay
And they’re doing the goosestep from Moscow to LA
Cause we’re just living in the USA
I’ve been bored to tears for 20 years
And I need some stimulation
I could be their tool and go back to school
But I ain’t got no motivation
I don’t care where you were born
I ain’t fighting no desert storm
No uniform is gonna, gonna keep me warm


This is a wake, an involuntary shake-up
When every single day is a struggle just to be who you are
And it’s a cop out , when they label you the wrong crowd
Don’t you ever let them cast you aside or put you up on the shelf
And it might take a little time just to figure it out
But sooner or later you’re gonna find out what it’s all about
I know that you’re laughing down there, I know and I don’t care
Frustration, it’s a daily aggravation and sometimes it might seem
Like there’s no end in sight, like right now
Open your eyes up, and take a look at your surroundings man
Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who really cares
I know it’s hard man, but you gotta do the best you can
You gotta pick yourself up off the ground, get up and try it again
Have you been put down and kicked around all of your life?
Who are they to tell you what’s wrong and right?
I know that you’re laughing down there, I know and I don’t care
Frustration, I need a permanent vacation
Don’t you hate to see a good man kicked when he’s down?
It’s not you only, everybody gets lonely, sometimes there ain’t never no such thing
As a second chance, so drink up


Maybe it’s all the things you say
Maybe it’s all the things you don’t say
Could anybody ever really be good enough?
Maybe to you it’s all the same
Maybe you should take a look at yourself
Now why the hell would ever wanna be someone else?
Come on man don’t be a fool, nobodies gonna save you
Youth Youth, youth of a nation
What’s gonna be your occupation
You know you’re running out of time
Youth Youth, youth of a nation
What’s gonna be your vocation
You better make up your mind, right now
Maybe it’s all the things you do
Maybe it’s all the things you don’t do
Could anybody ever really be good enough?
I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been defeated
And it’s about time you realized we’ve been cheated
Take a look at the people you trust, now take a look at the rest of us
Youth youth, youth of a nation
What’s killing my generation? I’m never gonna sign that dotted line
Youth Youth, youth of a nation
Just swallow your medication, it’s never gonna be alright
Is that really what you wanna do?
Do you really wanna go to school?

Are On The Other Side

Wake Up Dead

Walkin like the living dead on Avenue A
Lookin all around me, don’t like nothing that I see
My heroes are dead and it’s givin me the blues
Got a handful of my habit and it’s really bad news

I’m the rock n’ roll Son of Sam ya heard?
I’m here to destroy everything you know
It’s in my brain right up my nose
I’m out of control

I take em to forget but I don’t forget to take
And when I’m without you I shiver and I shake
Everything is black in a world undone
Baby I’m lookin out for number one

I’m the rock n’ roll Son of Sam ya heard?
I’m here to destroy everything you know
I’m outta my mind , I’m outta my head
Gonna wake up dead
You’re gonna wake up


You might think that, you’re what I wanted
You got me all messed up, I’m in a rut
It’s terminal baby, you know it

Can’t you see that it’s you that I’m trying to kick
Makin me sick
I can try all I want, but ya just don’t quit
And I don’t wanna
I don’t wanna walk around with you

You’re an eyesore , you’re an uber bore
You manipulate until you copulate
You found and in, you got it

Baby don’t you know that it’s just tearing me apart
Right apart
You can lie to me, but the story’s written on your arms
And I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna be involved with you
You’re a parasite, parasite
You’re a parasite, parasite
And you get what you want , you deserve

Ain’t you so tragic?
It’s automatic
You’re goin underground, with out making a sound
You can’t fool me ya got it?

I saw you on the boulevard always hangin around
Hangin around
It’ your kinda kicks that are just bringin me down
And I don’t want em, I don’t wanna burn with you
You’re a parasite , parasite
And you get what you want, you deserve.