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Don’t Need No Snacks

Let Me Go

You always getting into things you’re not supposed to
I like u naked and I like u in ur clothes too
She got a nice ass but it’s not that nice
I seen better and I’ll see more alright
It could never be the way it was before
And I don’t really think I’d want it to anymore
Girls come and they go

Ggggggggggggg get away
I wish I could but I really can’t stay babe
I know I could fly across an island If I like and I could spend the night with Ya
But I wont and I really don’t care
If your here or your over there
Alissa Milano who’s the boss?
Life’s a bitch when you miss what u lost

You shouldn’t have Let Me Go


Well I just go my foot in the door
U got a lot to choose from that’s for sure
And your throwin those orders all on me
Like I look like I’m from burger king
But I don’t no problems I don’t want nothin
And I don’t want a bite of your egg mcmuffun

Cause we just now getting it started
So this all might sound retarded
And if it does well that’s ok
Bc it’s way more fun this way
I said 1234 , 1234

Well we dont waste time on nothin small
So if the cakes not big we ain’t eatin at all
Go head n ask me why I look so thin
Cause I dont let nothin get under my skin
When I wear a Fur coat out everyone stares at me
My sister gets mad but I don’t really care u see

Whoa we don’t want no snacks we don’t want none of that we dont want no snacks they just slow us down when we wanna get out

Biggest in The World

Mama I do have a purpose and if u hear me u heard this
That my whole life it ain’t worthless no my life it ain’t worthless
Just take a look at my plate as I pile it all up with steak  n spaghetti o bolognese and yes that is  old chocolate cake
Cause we just get fatter and fatter
We only eat pancake batter
Some people they like to hide it  but
No not me I don’t mind it bc

I wanna be the biggest in the world

What u think that we do this for
It’s not to fit threw doors
If you do well that’s alright

Tell me like u mean it or believe me at least
Tell me I’m the only one that you’ve ever seen
From the ceiling to the floor in your grocery store
Baby don’t be surprised
I’m aware of my size

I wanna be the biggest in the world

Lindsay Lohan

Do me on the table baby do me on the floor
Man this girl is crazy I just met her at the mall
Right  outside the gap she can’t find nothin in her size
6 foot 5 with some real thick thighs
I saw a cardboard cut out that just quickly caught my eye
I walked over to it  and then I got reminded
Of this fake blonde that I had a crush on
I loved all her movies and I loved all her songs
I told Gabriella that I must be on my way
She was kinda pist cause she wanted me to stay
I told her I had to take a trip to the hills
Just so I can see how it feels

Up in the planes while dancin with the stars
Out threw the hills were drivin in the cars
It ain’t no secret everybody knows
Where I went and why I had to go

Girl your not much older than me n I’m really fun
I could use a visit to the beach in the sun
I’ll bring hot Carl and dirty Sanchez
I’m not that rich but I got alot a friends
They all like my jokes and they think Im really funny
We can eat at mcdonalds you dont need to bring no money
If you do it’d  be cool if you don’t it’s alright
We can drink old English all night

Hey baby come take me on a vacation what you waiting for

I wanna be with Lindsay Lohan oh I wanna wanna be her man I wanna be under those green lights I wanna be up all night

Outer Space

I just smoked some space and I watched my face melt right off myself and onto my plate hey yo whats the story chicken caccitori
I could never sit around or do anything Boring

I don’t want no job no I won’t be at the interview girl I think I might be I might be into you you say Im an idiot you know you love me for it cause I got that oh and you just can’t ignore it

Saturday Night Live

Oh you know this world  this world  is mine for the takin
makin steak n eggs and bacon
I do what I do  I do whatever that it takes yea even if it means I maybe have to show up naked
To get your attention oh yea did I mention
my license suspension my license suspension
But were driven anyway it’ll be okay
that’s the way things go if you didn’t know

I love alota girls alota girls I know you know this
but if they get in my way then I may just have to ghost it
Ghost  it ghost it really roller coast it
that means if you do call me then I may just say I lost it

Momma momma momma can’t you hear me
Dancing like a fool now all over your tv
This is what we gotta do this is what we gotta do
this is what we gotta say this is what we gotta do

I don’t wanna do anything that I don’t like
I just wanna be on Saturday night live

Are On the Other Side

It’s Alright

I got nothin goin on
You got nothin goin on
I need something to do
We need something to do

You should know by now that man in the bugatti
he’s a member of the club Illuminati
They Do lots of weird shit
fuck each others brothers
underneath the safe guard
of each others covers

I, oh I, I don’t care
yeah yeah
It’s Alright, alright
yeah yeah yeah, oh

I’m not makin’ any sense?
You’re not makin’ any sense
I don’t really have to
cause I’m so bored
I’m just gettin’ started at
and straight up ignored here
If you wanna be a slave to technology
Do whatever that you like
do whatever baby


Wave to mom right across the ocean
things are blowin way out of proportion
slap me in the face
and you kick me with your heels
underneath my legs
do you know how that feels

I don’t wanna go,
I don’t wanna go home
I don’t wanna leave, I don’t wanna leve
New York City

I gotta be here rather than there
Cause of the smell out there in the air
we got it all good
The way that it should
We’re standin on the top
Like I said that I would

Can I sleep with you
Will you sleep with me
I’m not tired
Are you tired of me