Baldy Longhair Records
Image of Crazy & the Brains

Crazy & the Brains


Christoph Urban-vocal/guitar

Jeffrey Rubin-xylophone/glockenspiel/vocal
Ernest Young-guitar
Brett Maverrick-bass/vocal
John Lango-drums


  • If you want something outside the mainstream and something you know you shouldn’t like but do then Crazy & The Brains are for you because it sounds so crazy. (…) Magical, catchy, clever but above all good bloody songs! Honestly.
    Dom Daley (UberRock ) on Don’t Need No Snacks
  • While the landfills are currently overflowing with neo-garage rock albums, Crazy & the Brains are just snappy enough, just quirky enough, and just rock-y enough to make it work in the current glut.
    John Gentile (Punknews) on Don’t Need No Snacks
  • This thing is packed full of insanely catchy pop and punk jams, all very well crafted and tasteful. It’s all here, tight and jangly guitars, swaying bass lines, popping drums, and countless vocal hooks. Not to mention the fair amount of xylophone harmonies sprinkled atop, for good measure. (…) I’m not sure who is Crazy, but he and his Brains have restored my faith in weirdo punk, and I hope we get to hear more SOON.
    Bloggins and Messina (Cassette Gods ) on Don’t Need No Snacks
  • Baldy has done it again and and the label with the best logo ever has knocked out a six track vinyl single that you should hunt down like your life depends on it. Why? Because it’s top notch and worth a few bucks/pounds/euros of anyone’s hard earned every day of the week. Quite simply brilliant! Two excellent bands on one sweet, sweet single. Buy it like now before they’re all gone.
    Dom Daley (Über Röck) on Are On The Other Side
  • The Disconnects are here to knock you the hell down, Crazy & The Brains are here to help you up, dust you off, and hand you a beer. (Disc of the Week)
    Dani Tauber (The Aquarian Weekly) on Are On The Other Side
  • The pairing between these two bands on one platter works incredibly well, because it doesn’t work at all… The Disconnects bring the rock, Crazy & The Brains bring the party… and everyone goes home satisfied. (4.5 out of 5 stars)
    Ryan Cooper ( on Are On The Other Side