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Two Way Tie For Last!!! OUT NOW!!!

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Two Way Tie For Last

Cassette Store Day 2014 is finally upon us and we’re super excited to announce all the ways you can go about getting your grubby little mitts on our 38 Song Comp with Fleeting Youth Records.

The first way would be to find your pants, put them on (this step is key), and head down to one of these fine establishments to pick up a copy. Be careful of the sun though. I hear it’s bright.

For The Record, TN
Exile On Main Street, IL
Daddy Kool Records, FL
Bric-a-Brac Records, IL
Independent Records, CO
Burger Records, CA
Bedrock Music & Video, CA
Music Record Shop, MO
Breakaway Records, TX
End of an Ear, TX

The second way (If you can’t find your pants, still aren’t sure about that sun thing, and don’t live anywhere near the shops we listed) would be to head on over to our webstore or to Fleeting Youth’s webstore and order a copy (get a couple other tapes while your at it). Operators are standing by. And we are shipping now.

The third and final way would be to try your luck in a game of chance and visit on of these sites to WIN a copy.
Modern Vinyl
Music Box Pete
Infectious Magazine

I can say with all honesty that Fleeting Youth and Baldy Longhair have gone all out with this one.  38 new songs by some of our favorite artists clocking in at over 100 minutes on one tape!  Plus you get a download code inside!  It is insane how great this thing is and we can’t thank all the bands enough for being a part of it.  Just look at this track list (or listen to it up top there)!

Side A
1.   Aliment – Seein’ Black
2.   The Sick Livers – Gimme The Drugs
3.   Mayor Creep – Bike Lane
4.   Inertia – The World Hasn’t Ended Yet (Because We Aren’t Trying Hard Enough)
5.   Wolf-Face – I Wanna Be A Homo(sapien)
6.   The Scandals – Trenchknife (Live in Germany)
7.   Basketball Shorts – A Lot Of Things
8.   Casual – Over Ripe
9.   Butter the Children – Sack Lunch
10. Hollow-Eyed – She Killed A Bug With The Back of My Hand
11. Slippertails – Hip New Jerk
12. Verbal Phantom – Jennifer Lawrence
13. Cleft – Alec Baldwin’s Hair
14. Through Thorn & Brier – True Venom (Live on WFMU)
15. Gunther Doug – Trader
16. The Disconnects – Demolition Heart
17. Mumblr – Roach
18. The Young Leaves – That One Tree
19. Ubu Roi – Cheezburger
20. Crazy & The Brains – Vanity Fair (Live at Shea Stadium)
Side B
21. Ba’ad Trip – Ugly Brain
22. Tee-Tahs – Slutfucker
23. Wise Girl – So Broken
24. Le Rug – The Horror
25. Caffiends – 86 My Mind
26. Pink Smoke – Stir Crazy
27. Survay Says – Denial
28. Moodie Black – Hipster Death
29. Ides – Life In Retrograde
31. Kung Fu Crimewave – DMT
32. 2 Inch Astronaut – Zones (Original Demo)
33. The Everymen – Don’t Cry No Tears
34. Sun Like Drugs – Miracle Madness
35. JC They Live! – I Want A Girl!
36. EndAnd – Much and More About Everything
37. Hell No – High On Ripple
38. Pink Mexico – Cigarette Spit

In all sincerity, thanks so much for your continued support of our label and our bands.

<3 baldy

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