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Baldy Best of 2013

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Slingin merch at the 2013 Baldy Showcase.  The Paper Box, Brooklyn NY Dec. 14

What kind of music fans would we be if we didn’t obsess over “best of” lists?!?!?  Here’s some lists of the things ol Baldy dug in 2013.

Top 20 Non-Baldy LPs (in no particular order although Pissed Jeans was my #1)
Pissed Jeans – Honeys (Sub Pop)
Night Marchers – Allez Allez (Swami)
Big Business – Battlefields Forever (Gold Metal)
Har Mar Superstar – Bye Bye 17 (Cult)
Psychic Teens – Come (SRA)
The Thermals – Desperate Ground (Saddle Creek)
Violent Soho – Hungry Ghost (i Oh You)
Tomahawk – Oddfellows (Ipecac)
Iceage – You’re Nothing (Matador)
Superchunk – I Hate Music (Merge)
Heidecker & Wood – Some Things Never Stay The Same (Little Record Company)
Hunx & His Punx – Street Punk (Hardly Art)
Night Birds – Born To Die In Suburbia (Grave Mistake)
The Julie Ruin – Run Fast (Dischord)
Nobunny – Secret Songs (Goner)
Upset – She’s Gone (Don Giovanni)
Sacrilege – Thoughts Are But Dreams Till Their Effects Are Tried (Wardance/Radio Raheem)
Sebadoh – Defend Yourself (Joyful Noise)
Yo La Tengo – Fade (Matador)
The Sick Livers – Motors. Women. Drugs. Booze & Killing. (Glunk/UberRock)

7 Favorite 7″s of 2013
Hard Skin – We Are The Wankers (1234 Go!)
Bloodshot Bill / Richard Catwrangleur – Split (Mongrel)
Superchunk – I Hate History (Matador)
Big Eyes / Mean Jeans – Split (Dirtnap)
Paint It Black – Invisible (No Idea)
Night Birds – Maimed For The Masses (Fat Wreck)
Blitz – All Out Attack Reissue (Ugly Pop)

Best Albums Heard While Eating at a Vegan Restaurant in 2013
Chron Gen – Chronic Generation (Champs Diner, Brooklyn NY)
Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks – Pig Lib (Sweetpea Bakery, Portland OR)
Tim & Eric – Awesome Record, Great Songs (Cinnamon Snail, Red Bank NJ)

Things Baldy Successfully Avoided in 2013
Compact Discs
Listening to guilty pleasures on Spotify (don’t want them to ruin my suggestions!)
Selling my old comic books
Telling EVERYONE that said something mean about me or one of my bands to fuck off (I did tell some people to fuck off just not all of them)
Including my own releases on my Best of 2013 lists (harder than you’d think)

5 Best Cassettes I Picked Up in 2013
Pink Mexico – Pnik Mxeico (Fleeting Youth)
Ghostface Killah – Twelve Reasons To Die (Soul Temple)
King Krule – 6 Feet Beneath The Moon (no clue what label put this out… it didn’t even come with a J-Card… smh)
Casual – s/t (Perpetual Bullshit/Start Something)
Zirakzigil – Battle of the Peak (Anthem)

Things I’m Most Proud of From 2013
Crazy & The Brains – Let Me Go
The Young Leaves – Alive and Well
inertia. – New Lows To Bear Upon A Barren Heart
Making T-shirts in my basement after learning how on YouTube!
Pulling off a successful show in the middle of the worst snow storm of 2013
Walking into Amoeba Records while on vacation and finding some of my releases by accident!
All the new friends I made via Baldy
Being in the audience at the Chis Gethard Show when Crazy & The Brains tore the roof off their studio
Every time anyone had anything nice to say about Baldy!

Things I’m Most Looking Forward to in 2014 So Far
The Disconnects debut LP!
Co-releasing an AMAZING discography with a friends label (ssshhhhhh)
Soy Not Oi! Vol 2 hitting book stands with some of my recipes and ramblings inside it
Seeing New Bomb Turks, Murder City Devils, and mother fucking Rocket from the Crypt with my friends!
Not dying (again! hopefully!)

Thanks again to everyone that supported Baldy in 2013! See ya next year!

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