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Switchboard Sessions Vol. 3 Out Now!

Posted on: February 10th, 2013 by Baldy Longhair No Comments

Our good bud Dane over at The Switchboard Sessions just released a FREE download of his newest compilation of of phone recordings.  If you don’t know about what Dane does, he has bands call him on the phone and play him some music.  (Yes, the phone, that thing with squiggly wires most people don’t use anymore.)  Then being the ridiculously nice dude he is, he posts all the recordings online for free!  His newest comp features Crazy & The Brains’ version of “Give Him A Great Big Kiss” by the Shangri-las, as well as some amazing tracks by the likes of The Promise Ring, Candy Hearts, Brendan Kelly, Tony Sly, Joey Cape, and The Sidekicks.

Check it out!!!

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