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The Gum Smacks Are the Pulse I’ll Follow If My Walkman Fades

Posted on: May 20th, 2011 by Baldy Longhair No Comments

Why tapes? Man if you need to ask that you don’t know.  Tapes are the shit.  The ultimate punk format.  What? Vinyl you say? Yeah vinyl rules. I agree.  But you ever blast a record from an ’88 Dodge Omni?  You ever make your own record at home to share with friends? You ever throw a record around like a piece of trash and still have it play flawlessly?  Tapes are small, (almost) indestructible pieces of plastic analog amazingness.  Even when they fail reach for a pencil and fix that fucker right back up.

It’s no surprise to me that tapes are making a comeback.  It’s no surprise people are actually seeking them out. They’re inexpensive and awesome.  Two traits that also define punk rock. While I don’t expect people to seek out used walkmen on eBay and start carrying them around town like this was 1992, I do hope at least some if not all of you will throw one on at home and let your neighbors know how baldy rolls.

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