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Shoe Glue

Posted on: May 29th, 2011 by Baldy Longhair No Comments

In this digital age of e-faxes and i-jammers, you might be wondering why I set up a PO Box for Baldy.  If you’re not down with the whole pay pal thing and you want to send me duckets the ol fashioned way I want the envelopes kept somewhere safe (ie not in my unlocked mailbox outside where anyone can jack your funds).

You know how many forms of ID you need to get a PO Box? Two.  And a Passport only counts as one.  This is more information than you need to get paid on a new job, and slightly less than to get a drivers license.  I don’t know why but this fascinates me.

So the point is this… send me some demos and I’ll surely listen to em.  Send us an SASE and we’ll send you some stickers.  Send us a postcard from your next vacation if the mood strikes ye.  Send us a creepy and inappropriate love letter if you wish… but please no fatties.

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