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Make Me A Mix Tape (don’t leave out Husker Du)

Posted on: May 20th, 2011 by Baldy Longhair No Comments

With this blog, I’m going to try and take you through the saga that is putting out sick tapes.

So far it’s been pretty easy on me.  Scribbling ideas on pieces of paper at work and on the train.  Going to shows and drinking beers with the Baldy bands.  Contacting vendors and laying the groundwork.  The real heavy lifting of course is being done by the bands themselves.  I’ve been lucky enough that all the guys I’ve been dealing with are all driven and talented.  A few of them have gotten me some of their tracks and all I can say is that I’m soooo majorly stoked to have been given the opportunity to put their stuff out on such an amazing format.

The other heavy lifting has been by my wife.  Tirelessly and painstakingly building from the ground up.  And also dealing with me and all my ridiculous ideas, scams, schemes, and dreams.  Knowing I’m crazy but supporting and believing in me anyway.

Finally a huge debt of thanks is owed to one dr. julio kikujiro kim.  A friend for many years that I’ve been on a many punk rock adventures with that also believed in me enough to throw down some funds to make Baldy happen.  I can’t even begin the think of all the tapes we swapped in high school and all the shows we went too and all the fun we had.

Be sure to check back with this blog often for more news, announcements, and goings on in the baldy universe.  I’ll try and keep ya’ll posted every step of the way with how and why I’m doing what I’m doing.

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