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The Boxed Life

Posted on: May 20th, 2011 by Baldy Longhair No Comments

There’s nothing worse than ordering something and waiting for it to arrive and having it get to you already smashed to pieces.  A warped record.  A cracked jewel case.  An unhinged cassette case.  At least gimme the opportunity to break these things on my own damnit!

One thing I really want to make sure of is that all Baldy releases arrive to you in the same minty fresh condition as when I sent them.  So for that reason we’re only using Uline Cassette Mailers.  Now these mothers can only withstand 200 lbs of pressure.  If you have a 201 lb mail carrier who likes to step on shit you may be fucked.  And in the unlikely event that something like that or worse happens to your tapes while en route, hit me up with an email and Baldy’ll make it right.

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